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Your wedding photographer will no doubt capture hundreds of images from your wedding day, but there will only be a few that connect with your heart, and will earn a coveted framed spot on your mantle or wall. The best photos are ones taken with intention, where your photographer will see a moment that has something extra special within it. Rocky mountain wedding photographer Chris Beck of Chinook Photography is an expert at recognizing and capturing those moments that are both timeless and fleeting, and one of his favourite ways to do is in black and white.  Black and white wedding photography are striking, timeless, and both sophisticated and beautifully simple at the same time. Today we're sharing a round up of 10 of Chris's favourite black and white photos, with some great insight into what makes black and white wedding photos so good. 

  • Black and white photos are timeless, and not trendy. While your wedding will course eventually feel dated (as no one can stop time from passing!), black and white photos have an endless quality.  Having your wedding photographer capture a few black and white photos will ensure you have photos you can hang on your wall that will stand the test of time. Photos should be crisp and clean.
  • The origin of the word photography comes from Greek roots loosely meaning "drawing with light".  A true black and white photo represent nothing more than highlighting the light in the right way of creating a truly fantastic picture, void of colour, or distractions.  
  • Black and white photos emphasize the relationship between bright and dark; it's a beautiful representation of what love and marriage is. It's all ends of the spectrum; it's embracing a person for everything that they are and highlighting the light in the person you love. 
  • Not all photos look good in black and white. The best black and white photos are taken with the intention of black and white, where your photographer sees the light in the right way and captures the moment. 
  • A black and white photo keeps you focused on the composition and texture of a photo, and a black and white photo taken with intention is truly a work of art. 

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