12 Moments of True Love from Jennifer Jones Photography

True love can be felt so deeply, it can rattle your bones, flutter your heart and give you butterflies in your stomach. But to capture true love – that’s a different story. To capture a moment, a feeling, a connection, an essence – just describing that makes it sound impossible. How can you photograph something intangible? It takes talent – it takes a special eye – it takes a special spirit. We’re so excited to welcome Jennifer Jones Photography to Calgary. Hailing from Toronto, this talented photographer has shared 12 of her favourite moments of true love. Learn more about Jennifer after the jump!

After studying photography in 2010 i spent some time trying different genres (food, product, landscape, etc). Working for serval years in the commercial industry forced me to develop highly refined technical skills, especially related to lighting. I pride myself on the fact that i can adapt to harsh changes in conditions instantly… Clients always get amazing pictures of every part of an event – no matter what the situation throws at me.

After trying multiple genres I knew that i had found my calling when i tried my first wedding. i love everything about weddings from the small little details to the overwhelming emotions that come from family and friends. I am moved, touched and usually cry during at some point during the wedding, that will never change, its who i am. I take pride in capturing every moment. When my clients see their pictures i really want them to laugh, cry and see things that they hadn’t seen on the day of their wedding. I want couples to look at their pictures and say “…my pictures have actually added to my memory of the event”. Every couple will be able to relive every moment of their day, forever, by flipping thought my pictures. Giving this to a person comes with endless amounts of personal satisfaction. I am truly honored to be able to provide someone with a documentary of such a special event and enjoy every minute of it.