Suit Him Up Right: Style for 2016 Grooms

As is the case in life, the groom should be more concerned with how he looks when standing next to his bride. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t look good. In fact, grooms style is making more of a statement than ever before, and we checked in with Ed Williams Mens Wear, a family owned local mens wear store who dress over 100 wedding parties every year with suits tailored perfectly.

Contemporary groom styles are slim fit – they’re snug in the shoulders, waist, hips and pants are cut shorter at the ankles. But that doesn’t mean that every guy should wear that style.

“Slim fit suits look great, but if a guy spends any time at the guy or has a broader upper body, those are a tough fit and will require more time consuming alterations.” says Lowell Williams of EWMW, who himself has been dressing grooms since he was 22 years old.

Slim fit suits aren’t the only modern way for a man to dress his best – textured fabrics are making a big comeback for formal and office attire. Tweed or herringbone jackets with elbow patches paired with patterned shirts are being seen on more and more grooms on their wedding day.

“It’s an easy look that’s also reasonably fashion forward, making it kind of the best case scenario. What’s great is that the jacket and shirt can be paired with lots of different options on and after your wedding day – with coloured chinos on your wedding day, and with dress pants or jeans for years after.”

That’s the true beauty to menswear – while the bride only wears her wedding dress on her day, a groom can wear his wedding attire for years and years to come. A well made suit will last a guy at least five years and possibly even longer if it’s well taken care and taken in for alterations from time to time.

“The benefit of buying suits made in North America or Europe is the quality of construction and the quality of fabric is second to none. They are quite simply just better made garments.” Ed Williams Mens Wear carries almost exclusively North American and European made clothing, with their top selling lines like Samuelsohn, Coppley and Antonio Valente made right here in Canada.

“We have some fantastic suppliers right here at home in Canada – we’re a locally owned and operated business and buying Canadian means we’re supporting another local business, so it’s a double win.”