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Modern brides are powerful They are expressive, they are strong, they are passionate, and they own their power. No matter what style or trends they embrace, the unifying characteristic of modern brides is individuality. 

In previous generations, brides would take great pains to hide their body art on their wedding day, no matter what it represented or how much it was adored. Nowadays, brides are looking for gown that show off and accentuate their carefully chose and skillfully designed body art. From full back murals to daily foot designs, body art is about embracing individuality and the uniqueness of every bride's personal style. 

Every tattoo has a special mean ands speak of a special time in a person's life. It serves as a visual memory of feelings, passions, truths, battles and victories. As with body art, your wedding dress will become a representation of who you are on that particular day in your life. While your wedding dress can't be worn permanently as body art can, it will become a perennial reflection of you, through photographs and memories. 

Bridal Style Inspiration ~ f8 photography inc ~ Calgary Bride
Bridal Style Inspiration ~ f8 photography inc ~ Calgary Bride
blue wedding fascinator
white wedding fascinator
A-line wedding gown
blush ballgowns
sparkling wedding shoes

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