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Here are a few articles that are REALLY good….

8 Tips To Postpone Your Wedding

  1. Its ok to be upset!
    • Take the time to grieve what your wedding day was going to look like and be kind to that process
    • It's not your fault and yes! It totally sucks!
  2. Lean on your people
    • Parents and your bridal party want the very best for you and want to help you!
    • They are just as sad as you are, so working together really will help when you have to do the heavy lifting and notify guests and field calls from them
  3. Think about postponing, not canceling.
    • Your wedding may need to be postponed, but Love doesn’t cancel and neither does hope for the future.
    • If your wedding is in the next 2-3 months consider postponing right away to have good options for date availability in the future
    • Before the cake is made and the flowers are ordered
    • You will save losing all of your deposits that will likely be non-refundable
  4. Reach out to your planner…. Or get one
    • They will be able to support you through the decision-making process and advise you on what to do next.
    • They will know what questions to ask your venue and vendors
    • They will be able to rally the troops to transpose everyone to a new date quickly
    • They can offer you peace of mind as you are likely scared and overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.
    • Many planners are offering advice for FREE! Find them and use them. They have offered help because they care about couples, their venue, and vendor friends, and just want to see everyone come out of this okay.
    • Simply book a free consultation and most will be very happy to talk you through the next steps that you need to take.
    • Then if you feel that you need more assistance, you can hire them to help you with the logistics of it all.
  5. Call your venue
    • Many venues are likely shut down right now and are operating with a sales crew of ONE who is working from home
    • Be patient with them. They are dealing with a lot right now.
    • Ask about postponement policies. Many venues are offering new dates with no fees at all. They simply change the date on your contract.
    • If you are in a hotel and you have rooms booked, ask to have them moved too once you pick a new date.
  6. Call your vendors
    • You need to know if they are available before you pull the trigger on a new date
    • You spent a lot of time (and deposit money) finding and hiring them. It would be a shame to not have them there on your big day.
    • Send them one big email with date possibilities and see which dates can work with all of them.
    • This is the dancing game that is going to take the most time and become the most stressful, so if you have a planner, they can do this part for you.
  7. Tell your guests
  8. Relax and get excited again!
    1. You have run some major interference
    2. You have your new date
    3. You can sleep and breathe better knowing that your wedding will not be anywhere near the COVID-19 crisis
    4. You have new hope for the future
    5. You can postpone your wedding, but you can NEVER postpone Love.
    6. Have a date in your home while you are self-isolating. Light some candles and open a great bottle of wine.
    7. Go for a walk and talk about the future together. That will always be there.
    8. And maybe have a little celebration on your original date to commemorate the occasion. And if you're lucky, you can gather with your family by then to help you toast to your new outlook for your Big Day!!!

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