A Calgary Brides Wedding transformation: From Ugly Arena to Exciting Night Club!

I love hearing from our Calgary Brides. Thank you Carmen for sending me these images and your story. It is the talent of the Wedding Planners and Decorators who have the vision to transform a room and listen to their bride’s vision to create a wow factor, that never ceases to amaze me..

From the Bride: “We were married in one of the most beautiful places Alberta has to offer, Moraine Lake in Lake Louise. It has a breath taking view and after a short “hike” you are over looking a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. I’m sure you’ve been before. We had a small ceremony with only immediate family and our bridal party.

We wanted a small ceremony because Torrey and I are both more country people. We live on an acreage near a small hamlet called Bluffton where my husband works in the oil patch. We are what i would like to think of your typical Alberta couple. My husband drag races his diesel truck on the weekends and we tour around to different races, and if we are not doing that we are camping and quad-ding or planning what we can change in the yard.

I wanted a nice wedding, and after looking at some ballroom like rooms and exploring our options, we decided it must be possible to convert our small town hall into a city looking venue. We like to camp, wanted our guests who like to camp to be able to, and you don’t get that in the city. So why not bring the city to the country. I have been sick with Lyme disease for a few years, so we had an extended engagement so I wanted to make up for the wait with a beautiful wedding.

We hired a decorator and i went threw my vision with her, covering the wood walls in the hall, draping the ceiling, purple up lights, martini bar, ad some bling to give it a nightclub feel all was well.

3 months before our wedding our decorator sent me an email that she was cancelling our contract and had spoke to other decorators and my vision was not possible. It was not possible to cover those wood walls and i was asking for too much. I started calling other decorators and had Christine Aldous with Elegant Event Designs from Red Deer come to the venue; and within minutes had draping nicely hung from the ceiling without the use of pipe and drape. The impossible was happening, and I was one happy bride to be.

Our wedding turned out better than we ever could have imagined. Her work blew our minds. It was more than we could have hoped. To turn a room with rounded wood walls and a orange stage into an elegant nightclub feel event after being told what i was asking was not possible brought tears to my eyes when i seen it. I kept thinking before the wedding we should have hired someone like Aspire Weddings or Lynn Fletcher Weddings because I had higher expectations. After being dumped by my first decorator and hiring a decorator with a home based business I will admit I was a bit worried, but Christine’s work in my opinion deserves some recognition in the wedding community. No we did not have a $100,000 budget, to be honest our decor was under $6000 with Elegant Event Designs.

I have seen many pictures of different weddings in magazines, and alot of the weddings have a nice canvas to start with. Christine our decorator had the most appalling venue to work with. I’m surprised she took the job. She must have wanted the challenge. All the draping was hung from the ceiling by Christine by hand and a latter. What really impressed me is she did all the labor intensive jobs herself, and the areas of the room that were going to draw the most attention she made sure she did.

We are very happy newly weds. Our wedding was perfect, i think I’m still a bit shocked what Elegant Event Designs did with a small country hall, and that’s why i wanted to share the pictures.”

Thank you Carmen for sharing with us and I am sure our community will agree that this indeed was a fantastic transformation!