Adam and Jessie’s Flirty Downtown Calgary Engagement Session

We looove summer engagement sessions – our bright Alberta sunshine is matched only by the smiles. Today we’re sharing Adam and Jessie’s gorgeous downtown e-session by K&E Imaging. This couple looks like a ton of – fingers crossed we’ll get to share their wedding photos very soon!

Hear more about this cute-patoot couple after the jump!

Meet Adam + Jessie! These two are absolute troopers! We met up with them to start their engagement session in the late afternoon and wanted to shoot until sunset. What we didn’t realize when we first scheduled the session it was on the longest day of the year! But that seemed to be no problem for these two, they started with a bang down on Steven Ave showing us nothing short of true, passionate love. These two Calgarians who moved over to Vancouver for schooling came back to do their shoot with us in the city where they first fell in love.

There are so many wonderful things we learned about these two as we continued shooting through to the evening. We stopped in for a bite to eat at Julio’s Bario where we also discovered Jessie is much, much stronger than Kaela. (PS wedding guests don’t challenge Jessie to an arm wrestle… she is sweet and innocent on the outside but boy!) Here are some fun details we now know about these two.

  • First Date: Shakespeare in the Park – Mid Summer Nights Dream
  • Jessie rocks the white dress
  • They make a lot of “Friends” references
  • Worst Date: Indian food on 8th Ave (which we tried to look up later, and it had closed down, for good reason according to Adam and Jessie!)
  • Dedicated to seeing the world: – Our favourite story that they shared was going to the Sistine Chapel 3 times. The first time Jessie forgot her glasses. The second time it was a free day, and the lineup was miles long. Third time was the charm – “Phenomenal.”
  • Not a fan of spices (even though we went for Mexican food for dinner)

We just can’t wait to spend their special day photographing more of these two. Their light shines so bright, and there’s no doubt in our minds their wedding day will be stunning.


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