Beloved Blossoms: Bouquet Inspiration

For all of you summer brides, the end of March means time to ramp up your wedding decisions! Solidifying rentals, colour patterns and floral choices are all big to-do items for the coming months. To warm up your Monday, we are sharing some bouquet inspiration from the latest issue of LUXE by Calgary Bride. Flowers of all sizes, colours and shapes are dazzled up with bling, softened with other natural greenery, and wrapped in ribbon and lace. And you know that your bouquet will make a stunning statement in your arms, the look and feel of your venue can transform the aura of your blooms!

As you can see, the setting of flowers makes a huge impact on the look and feel of the bouquet. Each of these arrangements is photographed against a contrasting background – the first bouquet, photographed by Alan Maudie, is filled with soft and romantic pastels but looks elegant and refined against the darkness. The bottom bouquet, photographed by Yueko Image, is filled with creams and corals but photographed against the patterned burgundy gives a grand feeling instead of a lighthearted and whimsical air. Vibrant blues and purples shot by Yueko Image are made even brighter against an icy blue backdrop and this warm and rustic bouquet photographed by Bud Moree is striking against stark white.

So while your venue should never dictate your arrangement choice, it can absolutely add to the blossom beauty!