Chic Badlands Engagement Session

From the photographer: 

After watching the sunset on Knox mountain, Phil and Meagan cuddled up waiting for the fireworks to start. Meagan pulled out her camera, ready to snap some shots when the show began. As the first fireworks exploded lighting up the sky, she heard her name and turned around to see Phil down on one knee. “In complete shock I jumped into his arms and said yes!” recalls Meagan. 

Since that memorable night, life hasn’t slowed down for these two. Finishing up university degrees alongside full time work and shift work – not to mention all the wedding planning – hasn’t left them much time to relax. “We wanted the experience of our engagement photos to be an adventure. Exploring the badlands was the perfect opportunity to enjoy each others company and really just slow down to take it all in.”

The badlands in Alberta have a diverse landscape with unique rock formations that created the perfect backdrop for our adventure. Meaghan splurged on a beautiful dusty blue skirt – the colour she had always wanted to incorporate into her wedding – and this inspired the rest of the shoots whimsical theme! The bouquet was made up of baby eucalyptus, delphiniums, and lavender in a presentation shape – perfect to hold and show off that sparkling diamond on a rose gold band Phil chose for Meaghan. The final touch was to get playful and romantic in the haze of purple smoke bombs. This engagement photography session was the perfect blend of epic romance and sweet adventure as we climbed around bends to see what we would find next and then paused so Meaghan and Phil could hold each other close and take it all in.


Ashley Daphne Photography/Deer Valley Florist/Adorn Boutique/Aritzia/James Allen/MAC Chinook