Laughing with Sofia Katherine Photography

“Stylish wedding photography with a hint of kick-ass concert lighting.” Be still my beating heart! I loved getting to know Sofia Katherine Photography – she has such an inherent talent, it was so cool to hear the backstory about the universe brought her to photography. I just love it when a wedding photographer takes inspiration from different experiences that we can all relate too (like kick-ass concert lighting!). Professional but light hearted, a total foodie who likes to get to know her couples over dinner and drinks, Sofia Katherine is probably going to end up being more of a friend after shooting your wedding. Embracing dramatic lighting and hunting down unique landscapes and backdrops (check out all the amazing places she’s shot weddings!), Sofia Katherine Photography does her best to capture the most beautiful images that are YOU on your wedding day. Now I just can’t wait to hear her laugh in person!

Where / when did your passion for photography start?

You know when you have to find a “work experience” job in high school? Mine was at a photo print shop which was owned by a Jasper wildlife photographer. He sold amazing photographs he took of animals in the Rocky Mountains and then always asked me to help him pick out the matting and framing that went with the colors and feel of his photos. I always loved working with him. I think this is where my love of photography started and I don’t think I realized how much this short “work experience” job would really affect me in the future.

How would you describe your photography style?

I used to be a pretty heavy concert goer and still am today. I grew up with my Dad jamming with friends in the basement of our acreage so music was always present in my life. I fell in love with the lighting concerts and bands used for their photography. I always thought what were to happen if you were to fuse concert lighting with modern wedding photography? I feel that my signature wedding images are a good mix of just that. Stylish wedding photography with a hint of kick-ass concert lighting.

How do you like to get to know couples before their wedding day?

I am a total foodie and will take ANY excuse to go to the latest hot spot in the city. I often go get a bite to eat or drink after my client’s engagement sessions. There is no better way to get to know someone than over an amazing dinner and a couple drinks.

What’s the most unique destination you’ve shot in?

I don’t know if I have a TOP destination. I have had the most amazing couple of years and got to shoot in some amazing locations. I rented a convertible and took my last Vegas wedding couple out into the desert for their day after session. That was pretty amazing. You cannot beat a sunset in the Vegas desert. I got hired for a wedding in Bathurst, New Brunswick last year as well which was unbelievable. The town had old character buildings with vines growing up them and beaches with old drift wood and amazing sunsets. This was an incredible location with an amazing couple. A trip I will never forget. I have shot weddings in Jamaica, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Vancouver Island, Banff and some incredible locations right here in Alberta. I feel lucky to live in a province with such amazing and diverse locations.

When you’re not shooting weddings, what do you like to photograph?

I like to photograph beauty editorials and maybe the occasional photo-shoot of my Weiner dog Luke… He’s kinda a big deal. 😀 The beauty editorials keep me up to date on what is trending in the fashion world and I feel like that is crucial to my style. I can’t call myself a “stylish” wedding photographer if I do not keep up with what is currently “stylish”.