Luxe Fragrances

Something old or something new? Will you wear something unique for your wedding day? Or will you wear something traditional or sentimental to you?

Fragrance can make a powerful statement, and has the ability to conjure up memories and trigger emotion. Bespoke fragrances are a new Luxe wedding trend.

How to choose? Talking about fragrance is similar to talking about fine wine. In order to ask for the things you like and find exactly what you are looking for, you need to be comfortable with the vocabulary.

Fragrances are typically categorized as fresh, woody, floral, fruity, and oriental. Consider the time of year, climate, and your bouquet when deciding what note to feature in your signature scent.

Fresh greens have scents reminiscent of grass, leaves, and herbs. They tend to smell “clean” and suit women with vibrant, sporty personalities.

Woody ambry fragrances encompass a wide variety of warm scents. Most include traces of amber, sandalwood, cedar, and various spices. The combination of spices is what gives this scent family such versatility.

Floral fruity scents evoke a sense of playful innocence and romance. Most scents developed around a specific flower or fruit fall under this category.

Oriental spicy scents are similar to woody ambry scents but usually involve more of a floral element. Fragrances belonging to this category often use rich scents like orchid, orange flowers, vanilla, sweet spices, incense, and musk. Women wanting a warm, mysterious, and distinctly feminine scent should look into this category further.

The new issue of Luxe will be on newsstands in days! Be sure to get yours and check out the amazing and artistic fragrance inspired collages and more enticing advice on choosing the best fragrance for your special day!