Natural Wedding Makeup Inspiration from Calgary, Alberta

Today's wedding makeup inspiration from Trena Laine Makeup Company is perfect for brides, but they're also great looks for bridesmaids and every day fall living! Natural makeup that highlights your best features also your inner beauty to shine through. Trena of Trena Laine Makeup Company gave us a rundown and how to for each look, as well as the inspiration and concept behind the shoot! Read more after the jump! 

About each look:

Rhea (soft brown hair)

Playful soft muted tones of pinks, slates and champagnes to compliment her skin tone and those blue eyes. For a subtle change to her look, we worked in a summer-kissed tone onto the eye lids and pulled off the pink bold lip seamlessly. Its nice to know subtle changes for a quick change of lip colour or overall change of look. Rhea had a little bit of skin issues including a few pimples but working in a soft layer of foundation and only a matte bronzer allowed her skin to glow naturally, not glow shiny. 

Sydney (dark brown hair) 

Matte, nude tones all the way. her pretty porcelain skin only needed a light dusting of these beautiful earth tones including a hint of rosy pink to brighten up her skin, not steal away her natural beauty. With tired, exhausted skin, this is an easy way to gently "fix" up delicate skin. 

Autumn (redhead)

With freckles, you sometimes do not want to mask them up or hide them away. Tones of brown, taupe and at first nude pink on lips followed by our fave deep taupe like cinnamon bold lip to amp up her like that still looked very feminine.

From the Creative Team:

We were inspired by the natural beauty of our clients and love showcasing how a less can be more of an approach, especially if and when dealing with skin problems or concerns. As our season starts to change and shift, so does our client's needs that need to be addressed.

Majority of our clients have sensitivites, or concerns including acne, rosacea and much more and we find ourselves addressing these needs including dehydration and sun damage. Odd time, we also have clients who prefer no false lashes due to these sensitivities and would enjoy just a refreshed appearance than trying to wear falsies and be uncomfortable throughout the photoshoot or the entire day.

Not only issues that may be staring in your face but concerns that generally have clients hire us typically for their reasons that may be bothering or them or not sure where to start in their own at home applications.

Certain fun makeup trends have always come and gone but understanding client's confidence or a physical skin problem such as acne or rosacea is an entirely different ball game in itself.  We have prided myself on taking the time to ackowledge many of our client's fears, concerns and or situations they may be experiencing.

Look for an artist who specializes in enhanced makeup for ANY age and all skin types, skin tones after all these years. When looking at our portfolio, there should be no shocker to see how we WORK WITH anyone who wishes to camoflauge what they consider to be ugly.

A makeup application should not smother or provoke more of a problem, we simply meet the need of the skin and the client's comfort level to achieve the desired result with our makeup applications.

As we move into late 2020 and easy into 2021, we are all feeling this journey and wear and tear on our faces. Makeup should simply camoflauge and enhance, never smother or steal the show.


Jessica Catherin/trena & sarah – Trena Laine Makeup Company/Rhea | Syndey | Autumn