Rocky Mountain Bridal Session

Some days, all the stars align and good luck goes your way. On this rainy day, one of Alberta's most popular tourist spots and stunning locations, Moraine Lake, was cleared of people and M2S Photography was able to take this gorgeous bride to the top of the Rocky Mountains for a day-after wedding shoot. With a an absolutely stunning gown, covered in lace overlay with an elegant high neck and long sleeves, the bride wore an exquisite tiara and carried a full bouquet of blushes and ivories. Rocky Mountain wedding photographer M2S captured some frame worthy portraits – hear more from them after the jump! 

From the photographer:

That rainy day in July at the Moraine Lake was just a perfect day to make her wish come true. Photos at this beautiful location in her wedding dress. Photos that her wedding photographer didn't do and we were so happy that we could help her. Because of the rain all tourists left for cover so we had the whole place just for us and no-one on our way.


M2S Photography/M2S Photography