Rust And Roses At This Modern Inspo Shoot

Loving the look of wooden wedding tablescapes and neutral colours? You’ll love the rust and roses at this modern inspo shoot. We are swooning for all the earthy textures at this wedding. We are especially obsessed with the natural stone walls, the macrame wall hanging, and the geometric wedding ceremony arch.

From the Creative Team

This shoot was inspired by the warm tones of fall and the boldness of bohemian styles. Gold accents were used to warm up the very modern venue in downtown Calgary. By doing so we were able to turn the venue into the perfect place for a dreamy and romantic elopement-styled wedding. The warmth and vibrancy of the tones in the flowers were inspired by the year-round beautiful sunset tones and were very complimenting to the beautiful blue suit of the groom (model). The goal was to showcase how taking the best aspects of modern, rustic and boho weddings can make for an intimate more personalized style that is very fitting for downtown Calgary.

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