Sweet and Sunny Wedding Inspiration from Beaumont, Alberta

From the photographer:

A story of two modern brides with a sweet tooth, who are on a quest to find their perfect dress for their wedding day in an elegant golf club in Alberta. A morning daydream, or a vivid imagination?  They imagine waking up in their wedding dress, reading their to-be husband’s love letters. The two of them try on a number of dresses as they roam around the venue filled with beautiful decors and floral arrangements. They stumble upon a dessert table and found all sorts of pastry and dessert ideas they can incorporate for the wedding.


Missing Piece Studio Media/Coloniale Golf Club/Blank Spaces Decor/Signature Lane Interiors/Sugar Mammas/Tables by Kat/Cupcakes by Kay/Tastefully Made YEG/Jars of Clay Calligraphy/Two Buds Floral Artistry/CIEL Bridal/Crystal T mua