Trash The Dress Shoot with Troy Young Photography!

The term “trash the dress” is well known for wedding photo shoots which inevitably damage the dress in favour of incredible photography. The goal of a trash the dress shoot is not to destroy something beautiful however, it is to open your mind to the possibility of a chance of a lifetime picture. These photo shoots are fun, expensive and sometimes difficult. Often the best shot is achieved in one split second and can never be repeated again.

This stunning destination wedding photo shoot of Danielle and Chris that follows was captured by Troy Young Photography in the Mayan Riviera, specifically in a Cenote’ just about 15 minutes south of Playa del Carmen. Troy packed a Nikon D800 and D810 with underwater casing for this shoot, along with loads of inspiration and experience in underwater photography.

Troy Young Photography is known for the distinct attention he gives to each of his subjects, and his ability to emphasize and capture details. For Troy, every photograph is an opportunity to create art. His creative techniques and photographic style have made him one of Calgary’s top wedding photographers. We asked Troy Young to elaborate on his experiences with this amazing destination wedding shoot, read on to see what he had to say.

Catherine: Where did you get the idea for this shoot?

Troy: “I have done several trash the dress sessions over the years, and so when I talked with Danielle I asked if she was interested and showed her some previous shots. She loved the idea and really liked the flowing look underwater. She even purchased the dress to make sure it had a great look for underwater.”

Catherine: What do you consider were your biggest successes in these images?

Troy: “I tried a new feature with this trash the dress, I used a wide angle lens on one camera so that I could split the shot from half under water and half above water. It worked out perfectly and we got some amazing shots.”

Catherine: What were the most significant challenges of this shoot?

Troy: “Lol, trying to get the groom to stay underwater… Both the bride and groom also had a hard time with all the fish swimming in the water, they were not fans of that. But they did everything they could to get the shots.”

A ll Images by: Troy Young Photography

Together they may have ruined some ruffles, but they also made stunning art that will last their lifetimes and wonderful memories in the process.