Wedding Etiquette – 15 Do’s and Don’ts

Today’s brides and grooms are often unapologetic rule breakers, bucking wedding expectations that just aren’t their style.  While we’re the first to say “break away it’s your day!” there are a few “rules” worth remembering no matter how rebellious you’re ready to be. 

  • DO call your family with your engagement news before hitting “post”- No matter how hip your blogging granny is she’ll want to hear your excitement
  • DON’T invite anyone to a pre-wedding bash that isn’t welcome on the big day – If they didn’t make the cut for the wedding guestlist then they shouldn’t be asked to shower you, stagette you or spa-day you either.
  • DON’T invite someone to multiple showers – Guest’s calendars and wallets will thank you for limiting the gift giving requests to just one.
  • DON’T invite one half of a couple – If they are married, living together or seriously dating they come as a package deal.
  • DO use tact when discouraging tykes – It’s ok to opt for no kids at your wedding just make sure you do so delicately and consistently.
  • DON’T send an invite to someone who’s already said they can’t attend – This just looks like a gift grab.
  • DON’T put registry info on your invite -Include the link to your wedding website where guests can find this info instead.
  • DON’T make your Pinterest dreams your bridal party’s nightmare – Be realistic with just how much DIY time and ability your friends have to spare.
  • DON’T skimp on wedding party gifts – See above. They’ve invested a lot of time and money to help you celebrate your day. Show them a little love.

  • DO connect with each of your guests – Whether it’s a receiving line, or visits to each table during the reception make this priority one.
  • DON’T seat all the singles together – Seat according to suitability and the potential for great conversation not status.
  • DO designate a social media stand in – Stay off your phone. The day will fly by fast enough without digital distraction. If you want things posted in real time plan to have someone else man your accounts for the day.
  • DO feed your vendors – Photographers, DJ’s and others staying through your reception need to eat. Ask ahead for any dietary restrictions. 
  • DO say thank you right away – Send a handwritten, personalized thank-you note to every guest that attended or gave a gift within 3 months TOPS
  • DO remember a wedding is just one day – Don’t let nuptial neurosis create strain in your relationships. Focus on making memories together that you can smile about long after the cake is cut.

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