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Vow Renewal in Kananaskis

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Trena, of Trena Laine Makeup Company, and her bubby, Aaron, celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary by celebrating with a vow renewal in Kananaskis. Along with a small group of friends and bubbly popped, the vow renewal consisted of shared personal vows and a beautiful ceremony led by Married by Cole.

The planning came quickly and the outdoors was chosen for several reasons. One is that Trena and Aaron are regular hikers in Kananaskis and truly enjoy time well spent outdoors and another was their wedding 15 years prior, was barefoot on the beach in Punta Cana. The other was at the time of planning, restrictions were still a thing and to avoid changes or something else to pop up, just have a few humans all gather at the stunning Barrier Lake for a vow renewal, laughter, and bubbly.

Some marriage tips and a little background story:
How did you meet? In the bar back in 2001, he tried to hook up with me after a fun evening of dancing, smoking cigarettes with friends LOL and I turned him down, we tried to stay in touch, but not until 2003 did we re-connect and started to casually hang out.

How did your first date go? Not sure if we would even say there was 1st date, we were just always spending time together. Perhaps, this has been our fun 1year long date. We will say this, from the beginning we saw each other’s “red flags,” and were able to be ourselves with each other that it was a natural fit to just being together. Something you cant fight.

How did the proposal happen? Trena thought they were breaking up as Aaron left and said he would be back within the hour. Three or four hours later he wasn’t home, wasn’t answering the mobile device at that time, and came home late. I was already in bed waiting and MAD. Kneeling at the bed, Aaron proceeded with a long-winded story of us being together and I thought we were breaking up, didn’t know where this was all going and then he says “So how about it?” “Want to get married?”!

Favorite thing about each other? He makes me laugh and I can’t be mad at him for too long, I mean, look at the face! Aaron says my drive and determination, and that I always have food in the fridge and prepare meals. Aaron is great to help with cutting and preparing foods. I guess you could say we know each other’s love language and what our “roles” are from time to time, making it easy to live together.

Hobbies you love as a couple? Long walks, hikes, pizza, travels, Starbucks, and lately there have been a few Seinfeld reruns and wine nights this winter lol. We enjoy farmer’s markets and road trips often together. …looking at land, homes, and just appreciating things around us. Oh, wait. Are we getting old and should retire in Italy soon?

Perfect date night? Impromptu, spontaneous nights of food and sips anywhere, anytime we are out and about, travelling, or post hiking. We are definitely more spontaneous when travelling. No schedules and no distractions.

A story you tell about your partner at parties? Whether to embarrass, a story of endearment. A story about one or both. We honestly don’t have just any singular story. We have had many experiences and built thousand of memories together. Some funny. Some ironic. Some sad. Some annoying. The list goes on, but our time together has been a trip. A wonderful journey of a real relationship that has spent time together has grown fonder of each other as time passes. We have an… to a degree. Oh wait, do livingroom dance parties together count or is Aaron just watching my endless dance moves.

“Home is where the heart is” or that’s what we say as we now have moved into different homes, a total of 15 times in 20 years should be Guinness Book of world records. From Regina to YYC we have our share of renting and owning, but being hippies at heart, grow stir crazy, however maybe with age we are now slowing down a bit and might stay longer in our current home.


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