Wedding Planning 101

From Proposal to Altar: Your Wedding Planning Timeline

Congratulations on your engagement! As you embark on this exciting journey from the proposal to the altar, meticulous planning will be the key to turning your wedding dreams into a reality. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through a detailed wedding planning timeline, ensuring that every step is carefully orchestrated to lead you seamlessly to the big day. Keep reading to download a free timeline to help plan your wedding!

12-18 Months Before: Setting the Foundation
Celebrating your engagement and sharing the news with loved ones. You are in your engaged era, enjoy it! At this stage, you’re going to want to establish a realistic budget to guide future decisions and find your wedding planner (because doing everything yourself is a wedding out). Draft a preliminary guest list and commence venue scouting, securing a date that aligns with your vision.

8-12 Months Before: Details and Decisions
Transition into the detailed planning phase by securing vendors such as a photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, and entertainment. Finalize the bridal party and set the stage for dress shopping. Additionally, send out save-the-date cards and initiate discussions about the honeymoon.

4-8 Months Before: Fine-Tuning Details
Fine-tune the details by crafting and sending out invitations (near the 6 month mark), choose your wedding cake, and organizing transportation. Create a wedding registry to facilitate gift selection by guests. At this stage, the objective is to solidify the plan and ensure all elements align seamlessly.

2-4 Months Before: The Countdown Begins
This phase involves implementing the plan and managing the countdown to the big day. With the groundwork laid, purchase wedding bands and finalize decor details. Also schedule dress fitting appointments for those major alterations! Around the 3 month mark, obtain your marriage license!

1 Month Before: The Home Stretch
As we enter the final stretch leading up to your special day, prioritize self-care and relaxation, allowing you to approach the wedding day with a calm and focused mindset. Confirm the guest count with vendors, plan that rehearsal dinner and write your vows. Check out this blog for tips on writing your personalized vows: Tips On Writing Personalized Wedding Vows

1-2 Weeks Before: The Final Touches
In the weeks leading up to the wedding, oversee the final dress fitting, confirm seating arrangements, and don’t forget to make final payments to vendors! Pack for the wedding night and honeymoon. Host a rehearsal dinner to ensure everybody knows what to do on the special day The goal here is to ensure all elements are in place, and every detail has been accounted for.

The Big Day
On the wedding day, commence with essential self-care and reflection. Allow the day to unfold naturally, trusting in the expertise of the chosen team. Coordinate the ceremony, reception, and other festivities. This phase involves executing the meticulously planned event and ensuring a seamless celebration.

Wedding Planning Timeline