Wedding Planning 101

Making the Bride’s Day Extra Special

From the Creative Team:

As the big day approaches, the bride-to-be can often feel overwhelmed and anxious. It’s important to take some time to make her feel special and cared for. Here are some ideas to help make the bride’s day extra special and memorable.

Create a Spa-like Environment for the Bride:
The morning of the wedding can be stressful, with so much to do and so little time. Creating a spa-like environment can help the bride relax and destress. One way to achieve this is by running a bath for the bride the morning of the wedding. Adding essential oils and candles to the mix can create an even more calming effect. If you would like to go for the milky colour for photos, you will need milk powder for the bath, so make sure no one is lactose intolerant!

Hang the Wedding Dress on the Bed:
The bride’s wedding dress is the most important dress she will ever wear! Make it even more special by hanging it up in a beautiful way. Instead of stuffing it into a closet or draping it over a chair, hang it up by draping it over the bed. Using helium balloons to prop up the torso of the dress can create a stunning and unique display. This not only ensures that the dress is wrinkle-free, but it also adds a special touch that the bride will appreciate.

Bring Flowers in Wedding Colours for Pre-Wedding Photos:
A beautiful bouquet of flowers in the wedding colours can add a touch of elegance to the bride’s pre-wedding photos. Not only do they make for great photo props, but their scents can also have a positive impact on future memories. The bride can take a moment to close her eyes and breathe in the fragrance, creating a calming effect and a sense of relaxation.

Wedding planning can be stressful, and it’s important to take a moment to focus on the bride and make her feel extra special. These tips are just a few ways to help create a memorable and relaxing experience for the bride on her big day. Remember, a happy bride makes for a more beautiful and unforgettable wedding!

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