Sweet Riverfront Elopement Inspiration from Vermilion River, Alberta

From the Creative Team

If you could elope somewhere that feels like home, why wouldn’t you?
When discussing the increase in interest in elopements this year, we found that when couples picture an elopement, they often worry about cost and stress of traveling long distances for “epic views” and “adventurous destinations”. Your elopement can absolutely be in a totally new place, if that’s what excites you, but couples often have places that have meaning to them close to home. For example, the path they were engaged on, the river valley they walk every weekend, or the trip they took when they realized they were in love. Their backyard, their local park, or under their favourite tree. Often, these places bring WAY more emotion and nostalgia to the day than a destination that would “look pretty for photos”.

We witnessed couples struggle with defining what kind of wedding feels best to them, and it really got us thinking. Since we have amazing locations, wedding professionals and accessibility right here in our area, why shouldn’t couples elope where they feel at home? Why should they feel forced into 2 ideas: either the big traditional wedding or the minimal, wild elopement? It’s always been possible to elope close to home, but for some reason, the connection between “home” and “elopement” isn’t often made. So, we put this Vermilion elopement styled shoot together to show you that you CAN elope anywhere, and you CAN focus on only the things that really matter to you. You CAN have the intimate wedding you imagine. And when you’re ready, the businesses that contributed to this set are here to help you with your dreams. We aimed to work with vendors and businesses local to Vermilion for this elopement-styled shoot to prove the point that we can make anything happen for you, right here at home.

Getting married close to home does not mean you have to have a traditional wedding. You don’t have to invite 200 people, 50 people, or anyone at all. On the other hand, eloping doesn’t mean you have to run off somewhere crazy to say your vows. You don’t need to hike up a mountain or keep it a secret, get on a plane, or make 3-day reservations to have the intimate wedding you feel connected to. Your elopement can look however you want it to. I’m here to reassure you that you can let go of expectations about what your elopement “should” look like, and instead, create the day that feels exactly right to you.


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