Vintage Wedding Gown Inspiration from Edmonton, Alberta

From the Creative Team

We had been dreaming of doing a shoot like this for years, and when we came to visit Manchester Square we knew it was the perfect spot for our vintage wedding inspiration. There's something special about this space: it has a warmth that transports you to historic streets in Europe even on a snowy winter day. One of these dresses actually came all the way from England and has waited patiently in a box for over 30 years to be part of a photo shoot like this one. It was handmade for the original owner, and like all things vintage has so much character and soul. Maybe this is why vintage items resonate with us so much: for all our weddings we work hard to ensure that each detail is unique and connected to the couple so that one day when they look back and their day is vintage every minute and detail still connects with their souls.


Calgary Wedding Photographer/Planner/Edmonton Wedding Venue/Makeup Artists/Hair Stylist