The Wedding Flowers In This Rocky Mountain Vintage Styled Shoot Are Heavenly!

From the Creative Team

Nestled in the Rocky Mountain is one of my favorite lakes, Abraham Lake. Not only do the mountains sing to me, but this lake truly harmonizes with the beauty of the mountain every time I pass it on my adventures. Being that I am a florist and loving the natural setting of the mountains and Abraham Lake, I decided to put a team of amazing vendors together. Creating this stunning, vintage, natural and breath-taking styled wedding elopement love song on film.

My inspiration for this shoot was the radiance of the crystal-clear blue water of the lake, which paired extremely well with the natural color palette chosen. A vintage, simple gown accompanied by soft colored floral, with accents of natural greenery, textured vintage wood accentuate all the surrounding natural elements. A simple, vintage touch to natural beauty

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