This Colourful Micro-Wedding Is Filled With Passion and Light

From the Creative Team

Sol&Soul transmits Southern Spain’s energy. The colors, the passion, the culture, the light and the joy of Andalusia. All of its features stand out and are different from what has been done before, a small intimate wedding in the heart of Seville. A couple in a romantic, original, remote and one of a kind setting surrounded by their loved ones. A typical small Andalusian restaurant reserved to celebrate the marriage of a couple that had once lived there in that exact city… their first look, their first kiss…a special way of celebrating their love in an intimate atmosphere.

It is fun, joyful, colorful, inspiring and fresh. It also gives another perspective of what a destination wedding in Spain looks like, a beautiful restaurant in the heart of Seville, a romantic and enchanted city in the heart of Andalusia. On this occasion we wanted to show that Andalusia is not only a beach destination wedding location, there are many historical buildings converted into beautiful venues.

The editorial is based on the story of Susan and Jeff, a couple that met in Seville while studying there. They fell in love while walking the city’s narrow streets, eating tapas and drinking spanish wine. They both lived in Seville for a couple of years, where they learned spanish and the Andalusian culture. They did not only fall in love with each other but also with flamenco music and the colors of the south. They wanted to celebrate a wedding that represented what they had lived and learned and that had now become an important part of their lives.

The location is a small restaurant in the heart of the city. This 19th century noble residence is in the Saint Lorenz quarter. A beautifully decorated space where you will find the typical andalusian courtyard called “Patio andaluz”. This is a picturesque inner curtilage filled with greenery and ceramic vases blooming endlessly throughout the year. With more than 300 days of sunny weather, all colors take up a new intensity under this light. Seville is special, it is no wonder that Lonely Planet chose Seville as Best City to travel to in 2018 and Pantone has even given it its own color FABB60 describing it as “friendly and optimistic with a touch of zest… wraps you in a warm and welcoming embrace.”

These Andalusian courtyards, folk flamenco music and Seville’s unique and special soil (albero) is what inspired our editorial. All the elements you see are based on one of these three things. The wedding cake (Aquarela Cakes) and bread plates (Porcelana Closet) are based on the tiles of the restaurant’s courtyard. Ceramic elements were used in the bride’s headpiece (Le Voilà) and carnation decoration (Le Voilà). The desert corner (Aquarela Cakes) is decorated with an old traditional Manila shawl especially used by flamenco dancers or during Seville’s spring fair. The center table is decorated with a clay vase and has a wide variety of typical flowers, with special mention to the carnation, which is Spain’s national flower. All of these elements are handcrafted by Andalusian artists bringing a little bit of their souls to Susan and Jeff’s wedding celebration. The carnation and manila shawl fringes are also reflected in the stationery (Los Amore de Sylvia), from the design of the invitation to the fringes on the Menu. The wine glasses have leaves on the stems this way blending perfectly with the greenery of the beautiful courtyard.

The ceremony was set up behind a nineteenth century stained glass window. It made for a very romantic background and was perfect for the live painting which was going on during the ceremony. The Andalusian painter (Bodas Dibujadas) handed the couple the work of art at the end of the day and the couple had a watercolor painting of their ceremony as a very special memory that was something different, beautiful and original. The courtyard has many special corners and contains clay flamenco dancers, ceramic plates and tiles, without missing its typical courtyard , all of which is surrounded with natural plants that make the Andalusian courtyards so special, fresh and give it its beautiful smell. The Andalusian courtyard can make you feel like you have been transported through time.

One of the most touching moments of the day was when Susan’s sister in law, Rachel, dedicated a part of her speech during the ceremony to Susan’s grandmother who had just recently passed away. Rachel spoke about the beautiful relationship Susan had with her grandmother and that even though she was not present Rachel knew that she was looking down on them at that moment. Susan and her grandmother shared a unique and special relationship and Rachel knew how wonderful it would have been to have her there with them on such a special occasion.

As mentioned before, Susan and Jeff are great flamenco music lovers. They decided to have a variety of Spanish music both flamenco and pop to give their loved ones a feel of the soul of the south. For the ceremony they chose a simple spanish guitar which was beautifully played by a local artist. Later for the cocktail they had a flamenco group playing in the background. For their opening dance they decided to choose a very special song for both of them from one of the great flamenco singers from Triana, Seville‘s most famous Flamenco district. When the dancing came around they mixed both cultures and had Spanish and American dance music.

Although COVID is changing our lives, destination weddings are still possible. Micro Weddings are a very good option for those that do not want to wait to get back to normality to celebrate their wedding. A Micro Wedding like this one gives the couple the chance to celebrate a very intimate, special ceremony and celebrate in venues like this one which maybe in normal circumstances they might not have considered. One thing Covid has shown us is that life is fragile and it can change so radically from one moment to another. Life is about creating memories, and having a Micro Wedding in Southern Spain is definitely a memory which the couple and their loved ones would never forget.