Confetti Fall/Winter 2019

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From the planner:

This engagement shoot was inspired by Jamie, the bride to be. She is a powerful trans-woman with an eye for style and everything beauty-related, her aesthetic and style inspired this shoot.

Fox Photography and myself (Events by Sauwmi) were searching for real couples to capture for a curated engagement shoot. I've been following Jamie on social media for a few years, and I have always been in awe of her style, confidence, and her authenticity. I saw Jamie in this red dress, that she designed herself, both the photographer and I agreed that we had to shoot Jamie in the red dress in downtown Toronto.

Our vision was glam in the city. We chose the St. Lawerence neighbourhood to be the setting for the shoot, and it turns out this was Jamie & Phil's neighbourhood as well. We included shots at their favourite dog park, the beautiful building across the street from their condo, and the iconic Gooderham Building.  

A little bit more about Jamie and Phil. Jamie is a trans-woman that recently chose to come out and share her story. It was incredibly moving for those that heard her story, and above all freeing for Jamie. For Jamie finding love and being accepted for who she is and having Phil seeing her for her, was powerful, and in this shoot their love was captured in places that were meaningful to them.

For Fox Photography and I, this was our chance to bring glam to a bustling city and capture its beauty. For Jamie & Phil this shoot captured their unique romance.

This was more than just an engagement shoot for Jamie. This was Jamie's moment to be visible and to be seen for who she is. This was also to inspire other trans people to be visible, to come out with their own story, and not just to hope and dream, but see that someone will see them for who they are and that they will fall in love and get their happily ever after.