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Intimate Spring Elopement

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As weddings scaled back last year, we all confronted the idea of a wedding stripped down to its essence. With guest lists reduced, events and decor simplified, it’s understandable that many viewed weddings in 2020 as concessions—the plan B,C or even D of their dream wedding. But as in everything in life, there is always a flip side. Much like the effect of minimalism, every gesture found at a wedding became significant, every ritual took on added meaning. As our couples looked out from the altar, they saw only the essential—their families and best of friends.

What we wish to express in these pictures is that the many things we treasure in a wedding continue to hold meaning no matter the size of the wedding. Turning Hycroft Manor into a Family Home: The historic Hycroft has always been treasured for its majesty. Its halls echo with deep history and tradition. There is a reverence that comes with the building, one that is appropriate for a black tie wedding. But when you put in a family of 4 in an empty mansion—add in a couple of friends, one of whom is the officiant, and an open stream on a laptop—the building suddenly becomes homey and accessible. The seriousness of Hycroft softened to a warm and cozy family home.

That is what we wanted to capture at this intimate family wedding.

From the couple:

“The original plan was to have a wedding on June 5, 2020 at Hotel Georgia (which was cancelled due to the pandemic). It was important to have a small wedding at Hycroft Manor because we still wanted something memorable and ceremonial in times of uncertainty and times of craziness with the pandemic. Not knowing what will happen or when we will be able to have a wedding created a lot of anxiety. We still wanted our day to be special and didn’t want it to be just a paper signing, which is why we decided to go ahead and I wore my wedding dress and he got the tux. As for how we felt on the day … a lot of it went by really fast to be honest, it was a bit emotional because we thought of all the things we’ve gone through to get to this point as a couple, so we were really glad we decided to have the ceremony at Hycroft.”

Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-022
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-116
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-110
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-082
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-131
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-128
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-152
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-132
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-143
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-195
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-186
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-285
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-281
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-314
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-309
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-307
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-221
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-113
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-144
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-028
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-062
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-060
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-056
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-048
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-044
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-036
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200620_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-042
Vancouver Wedding Elopement Photography20200621_AME_JennyMark_Elopement_HighRes-455

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