Fresh Spring Boudoir Session in Barrier Lake, Alberta

From the Creative Team

Romantic picnics, mountain views, and sunset-kissed skin is a boudoir set in paradise. Boudoir is a form expression that encapsulates a moment in one’s time that you don’t ever want to forget. In this boudoir shoot, the main purpose was to showcase a young woman’s gumption to be however free she wanted to be. There were no set expectations, no timelines, no one to please other than preserving this time in her life as it is right now. While using the sunlight to create true portraiture in the middle of the Kananaskis Country, Alberta Canada was my way of illuminating just how beautiful she was. What we walked away with was something even more. It makes you feel inspired, grateful for the little things like walks by the lake, being able to be alone and not feel alone because you are all you will ever need in this life. It was empowering. A woman’s walk of solidarity and contentment.

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