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Shabby Chic Hotel Elopement to Huilo Huilo, Chile

From the Couple

Our good friend Matt Green photographed our adventure elopement with my husband Joe on January 11, 2020, in Huilo Huilo biological reserve, Chile!!  We are super thankful that we got married there, as we would’ve never met our new friends like our hair/makeup artists who attended our intimate ceremony in the middle of the rainforest. We had both written our vows the day before, and during the ceremony, I was crying non-stop. 

Those same vows hold value to both of us today and every day until we die.  We were originally supposed to have our ceremony in front of our hotel Nothofagus with a pond and a path going in a circle around it, and there was a ton of wood floor planks that weren’t very sturdy and Joe put his foot through and fell threw to the bottom of the floor planks so did our minister! Luckily everyone was ok, but it made sense to move to a safer spot!     It’s an incredibly unique hotel that reminds me of where the Lord of the Rings was filmed with bizarre-looking buildings like a mushroom-shaped one that has water shooting out of the top, that is covered in moss. The building we got married at called Nothofagus hotel looks like an old beat-up carousel, and inside the spiral staircase goes on forever! It’s a perfect balance of urban and nature. I was researching different spots in South America and then after I stumbled upon this hotel I just knew the decision had been already made, I immediately loved it there and knew it would be perfect! We are super elated about how everything turned out. Not only the day itself, but everyone involved from the photography, to my flowers, and our hair/makeup artist. We didn’t have time to have our first dance the day of our elopement as we were out taking pictures pretty late to breathtaking spots with turquoise lakes/rivers and the volcano Mocho Choshuenco, and black sand beaches, with a lighthouse. That was very important to us so the morning after we had our first dance in sweat pants on the balcony of the hotel overlooking the rainforest!  


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