Alpaca Farm Elopement from Ontario

From the photographer:

Meeting Matthew at a wedding I quickly learned that he just got married! We both were working and we got to chat about navigating through their new normal of COVID days and I quickly learned that Matthew and his partner Rachel had a small wedding earlier that summer. As we all know, the wedding industry was greatly affected by COVID, along with SO many businesses. Having many of my weddings moved to next year I’m always trying to find creative ways to create content that’s relevant to what’s happening. Creating content that shows how beautiful an intimate and small elopement can look and feel for future couples. I had to reach out to Matthew and Rachel and see they would be interested and coming together to create some new content. In return they would get wedding photos they never had from their small wedding ceremony. It was a NO-BRAINER to have them be a part of this session. Coming together with Alpaca on the Eighth they were happy to have us come and meet the alpacas. I can’t thank our small team enough for putting this together and for a deserving couple who never had photos! It was extra special for these beautiful humans. We hope you like these photos and to see the possibilities you can create for your small intimate wedding..


Danica Oliva Photography & Videography/Alpacas from Eighth and Mud/Lace & Birch/Stella York/Moore’s the Joseph Abboud Collection