Sparkling Wedding Jewellery Trends

Because we’re lovers of all things sparkling, we always like to check in and see what’s up and coming for wedding ring trends. 

The warmth of yellow and rose gold are becoming more and more popular for wedding rings, whether as an accent colour in the design or the entire band. For diamonds, while round shape stones are still the most popular, elongated diamond shapes (such as ovals, pears and marquis), are starting to become more and more popular, as brides are opting for a unique stone shape. 

A few years ago the halo design, where small diamonds encircle the larger main diamond, only came in a round design. But the halo design now rules supreme – they are available in virtually any shape and configuration as well as multiple layers of halos. 

There has also been a ‘mini-trend’ toward coloured gemstones in engagement rings. The femininity and softness of the blush wedding trend doesn’t stop at decor or gowns – the blush pink colour of morganite and peachy pink of sapphires are a daily request for stones. Coupling these colours with rose gold rings is a beautiful and modern trend. 

Two other trends that have emerged in engagement ring designs are thin diamond set bands, (sometimes known as stacking rings) and twists like braids on the sides of the halo or single diamond. 

Like bridesmaid dresses, matchy-matchy is out, and there is no such thing as matching bands anymore! Women can put any band with an engagement ring as long as the bride-to-be loves the look! Mis-matched bands are fun way to create a unique, personalized look that is all your own by mixing the band styles, gold colours and even different gemstones.

If the engagement ring is a unique shape which needs a custom band, Troy Shoppe Jewellers are experts at creating custom bands that complement engagement rings perfectly and captures the vision the bride has for her complete wedding set.

When creating a custom wedding band, Troy Shoppe Jewellers likes to give the brides different options, either by browsing bands in the showcase or the design team at Troy Shoppe Jewellers can have sketch or a computer aided design made up.  Brides are welcome to bring pictures of wedding sets as inspiration to create designs. Be advised that often in order to create a custom wedding band design, Troy Shoppe Jewellers will usually need to keep the engagement ring to be able to design and build the band to fit exactly right. This process takes anywhere from a week to six weeks depending on the ring design…so don’t wait until the last minute!

Couples do often match their wedding bands in some way with some element but we find that it seems to be about an even split of those looking for some element of matching to those that choose entirely different looks.  It isn’t necessary for the majority to have matching versions and in fact matching bands seems to be rare among couples.  It may be the metal colour or an added coloired gemstone, or shape of diamond that is similar in both rings. It is more important that each ring suits the person wearing it and that they love it as it is the one element of their wedding day, besides each other, that they look at every day and hopefully wear for a very long time.


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