Wedding Book Club: A Bride’s Book of Lists, Calgary Public Library

Seriously – you haven’t been using the library for planning your wedding? Myself, I’m a huge library fan, I’m in there twice a month at least. The Calgary Public Library has a plethora of wedding resource books, all at your finger tips, and all for the annual cost of a library card (which I think is about $12?). The perfect place to get tons of advice and inspiration, the library is also a great place to settle your mind and get some serious planning done! So because I think it’s such a valuable place, I’m going to start a new series where I review and suggest books to help your planning process along.

This week, I’m reviewing A Bride’s Book of Lists, available at the Calgary Public Library. 160 pages of practical lists, this book has a lot of information to get your wedding planning started. It gives you a good, basic understanding of things to consider when putting together your bridal party, your ceremony, your reception – even your honeymoon. However, one thing I would say is that every city is different – while in Red Deer, you might only need 3 months lead up time, in Calgary you might need 6 months lead up time, if that makes sense. But what this does give you is a good idea of all the things you’ll need to consider and find out about when planning.

One of my favourite lists in the book is picture below – ways to say “I Love You” in tons of different languages! So sweet – great for love notes, right? And if you need help with pronunciation, well, I’m sure the Calgary Public Library has something for that too.

Your best resource is always a wedding professional, first and foremost but A Bride’s Book of Lists is a great resource to kick start your planning!

Grab your favourite cup of tea, a cinnamon bun and put your feet up – happy reading!