Weekender Vibes – Fashion & Beauty Inspiration from Calgary, Alberta

From the Creative Team:

Inspired by weekend travels and the idea of a destination wedding, we played on the weekend vibes that showcases relaxed, bohemian attire. From attending an urban, inner-city setting event and seeking to tour around during downtime versus the prairie, it could be a farm or lush forest setting that provides an opportunity for playfulness in between the wedding timeline.

Our vision was what would the bride to be wear during downtime or for the rehearsal dinner, but even then recently that has all changed so maybe it’s a small gathering night before with a simple dinner, or perhaps you are still running around setting up. We also looked at different backdrops that would provide an outfit to compliment your surroundings. Many have not been hosting a post-wedding, gift-opening style breakfast gathering so perhaps you are easing into your own morning with your loved one and your outfit will more than likely compliment this. 

We also envisioned the humans that are attending a weekend wedding. Attending as a guest can be a wonderful experience and with elopements currently, it eliminates having to chalk out an entire day towards someone’s day as everyone is aware, you may not be invited to the entire wedding. Not only have we adjusted the wedding group but our wedding clients are seeking a bit more flexibility with services for their own personal needs. More of our clients want to take advantage of an outing this season with full makeup and hair. 

We have always prepped clients who are not necessarily part of the wedding or perhaps they are dating the sibling of the wedding couple, so it may not be so formal to them or perhaps not included in the makeup/hair prep, so some of these clients reach out to have their own little simple beauty prep. We often get clients traveling abroad who would love to know how to do their own makeup to be not only camera-ready but how to maintain a simple application that still enhances their natural beauty. 

Our chosen looks for the two lovely models provided us the opportunity to pull together a pretty yet simple inspiring weekend looks. Ciara ( blonde) – we focused on the makeup with more mauves/purples, and soft tones of nudes on cheeks and lips. Hair has a 70s vibe to coincide with her fun jumpsuit and the white lace boho outfit. 

Autumn ( brunette) – we focused on allowing her hair to fall naturally with minimal waves and structure with makeup tones of neutrals, browns and taupes and compliments her minimalist wardrobe.


Jessica Catherin/Trena Laine Makeup Studio/Ciara S. and Autumn C.