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Intimate Backyard Summer Wedding in Brampton, Ontario

2020 is the year of backyard weddings, and Andrea and Dwayne’s intimate celebration with their closest family and friends goes to show just how perfect these wedding days are. Brampton wedding photographer Document Your Love was welcomed as a part of the family on the wedding day and was able to capture the most beautiful, intimate moments of this wedding day. Andrea and Dwayne committed a lifetime of love and the start of their new family, with Andrea’s daughter Savannah in the backyard of Andrea’s childhood home. The sunshine couldn’t be more perfect, and the day is as romantic and memorable as every wedding day should be. Hear more from the photographer and meet the entire Creative Team after the jump!

Woman in purple dress reading card with floral decoration as another leans overChild in blush dress closes eyes while having makeup appliedProfile of child with floral clip decoration in hairSeated woman having hair adjusted from another woman behindBride sitting in floral crown as groom touches back smilingChild looks dauntingly into small mirror on table Two women embracing while smiling in hallwayFlower girl high fiving man in black suit Flower girl expressive face looking at man in white shirtBride in white open back dress leans over chair Bride Father sits smiling in arm chair wearing black suit Bride in white dress and flower crown hugs father in black suit smiling

From the photographer:

When Andrea and Dwayne approached me about photographing her intimate backyard wedding, I jumped at the chance to be able to document the love between them. Andrea’s Mom was selling her childhood home, so where she grew up seemed like the perfect spot to start a new journey with Dwayne and every moment of the day was truly a family affair. I was greeted by Andrea’s Mom who immediately took me to the kitchen to show me where the cook-up was and hand me, “my spoon”, so that I could dig in periodically whenever I got hungry. When the ceremony was over, we all sat together in the family room and shared beautiful home cooked food and conversation before we eventually headed out to do some portraits together and then they danced the night away with extended friends and family at a local community centre.These two not only joined together in a lifelong partnership, but Dwayne took on the incredible role of Father to Savannah and on that day in her Mom’s backyard, in front of their nearest and dearest, it was more than a wedding, it was truly a union that defined a new family. Fast forward to today and they’ve added a baby boy to the mix and are living and loving through this pandemic with even more love. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Guests standing in backyard Smiling under wedding archBride smiling in arms with father facing two menBride embraced by woman while flower girl lifts lace skirt Groom and officiant smiling Bride and groom laughing looking towards guests Bride and groom holding hands as officiant reads vowsGroom kisses flower girl being held by bride Bride and groom embrace smiling holding bouquetBride and groom stand pouring jug of water on table with flowergirl Bride groom and flower girl pour colored sand into glass vaseBride gasps as groom holds green bottle popping with foam Bride and groom cheers with toasts surrounding them Bride and groom stand holding flower girl togetherBride and groom walk holding hands in grassy fieldBride and groom laughing smiling embraced at the hipsBride and groom embrace while groom kisses foreheadGroom back with arms crossed over shouldersBride in large white lace dress and groom embrace in grassy fieldBride sits on stone ledge in white dress smiling Bride and groom eyes closed embracing in grassy fieldWhite wedding cake with blush floral accents on silver platter


Document Your Love/Four the Dream Weddings/Mom’s Backyard + Milliken Mills Park Scarborough + Rouge River Community Centre/Andrea’s Mom/David’s Bridal/RW + Co.