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Romantic Winter Wedding with Rustic Details in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

A Canadian wedding on a crisp winter day, Shaelyn and Damian hosted their family and friends for a neutral romantic wedding day photographed by Moose Jaw Wedding Photographer Focus 22 Photography. See more winter wedding inspiration Highlights that our hearts are loving include Shaelyn’s amazing wedding gown, with deep backless design detailing and a classic fitted silhouette. We also love all the neutral and white wedding flower arrangements, the gold wedding cake topper and the subtle gold detailing on the wedding tablescapes. Hear more from the photographer and meet the entire Creative Team after the jump! See more wedding with gold decor details

Wedding ring flat lay beside white embroidered fabricWoman looks into mirror while putting on earrings in floral dressWoman helps zip up white open back dress on woman in bunWoman in white embroidered dress and white veil smiling looking at paperMan in black suit sitting on brown sofa with paper in handWedding sign on wooden easel with large blush and white floral accents on top and side Woman in large white dress holding bouquet walking down church aisle in arms with man in suitChurch seating filled with guests and officiant standing facing pewsMan and woman standing at front of church holding hands officiant reads behindMan dips and kisses woman wearing long white dress at front of churchMan and woman walk linking arms down church aisle smiling

From the photographer:

Shaelyn and Damian were wed on a chilly (and by chilly, I mean freezing) November day in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Although it was cold, it was perfect. This couple has a special place in my heart, and I feel so honoured to have been part of their wedding experience.

My day began as it often does, doing some pre-ceremony prep photos with the Bride and Groom. While Shaelyn was calm, cool and collected, Damian was a quite nervous. Both read a letter from each other and it was so special to witness.

We then headed off to St. Joseph’s Church in Moose Jaw for the ceremony. It was such a beautiful church, full of natural light; making my job so much more enjoyable! All those nerves Damian had visibly melted away after that kiss. Be still my beating heart. *sniffle sniffle*

We did some portraits in Wakamow Valley, a local park in Moose Jaw. Shaelyn and Damian braved the cold for an entire 2 hours. This was no small feat! Let me tell you, my feet don’t often get cold because I have terrible circulation and they are perpetually cold, BUT on this day, they were cold. So that’s how cold it was. Anyways, the most amazing bride, in sandal high heels, killed it! At one point I believe someone made her put on boots because we were worried we’d have to take her to the hospital to amputate some toes from frostbite! I am happy to report, everyone kept their toes, and looked flawless doing it.

Towards the end of the portraits, while Dame was watching from the side, he said  “Damn, you’re beautiful” to Shae. Genuine love and passion.

I had such a good time with you both, and I am so grateful you asked me to be part of your wedding day. 

Man kisses woman's cheek while standing in front of red brick building with wooden doorsWoman smiles while being embraced by man on light snow forest pathMan and woman wearing white dress hold hands extended over head on snowy forest pathMan and woman in long white dress holding bouquet kiss on snowy pathwayGroomsmen and bridesmaids cheers glasses in a circle on snowy pathwayGroom and bride spray champaign while bridesmaids hold white bouquets overhead on snowy forest pathwayGroom and bride spray champaign while bridesmaids hold white bouquets overhead on snowy forest pathwayGroom spins Bride in white dress holding bouquet on snowy forest pathBride and groom walk holding hands down snowy forest pathway holding pink and white bouquet Groom embracing bride from behind with hands showing wedding ringsBride and groom smile looking into eyes while white veil falls overheadBride and groom look into eyes smiling holding pink and white bouquet in brown and green forest Groom holding bride neck while touching forehead holding white and pink bouquet Groom lifting and kissing bride while groomsmen and bridesmaids celebrate behind on snowy pathwayBride and groom stand beside bridesmaids and groomsmen in line on snowy pathway Bride and bridesmaids stand facing away holding waists and bouquets on snowy pathwayBride and bridesmaids stand towards holding pink and white bouquets on snowy pathwayGroom and groomsmen stand crossed arms in line smiling on snowy pathwayGroom and groomsmen stand together laughing on snowy forest pathway Groom and groomsmen standing with feet together showing multicoloured dress socks on snowGold candelabra and green and white table runner next to white gold goblet Two tiered white wedding cake with pale pink and white floral accents and gold foil cupcakesBride and groom dance together staring into eyes with groomsmen behind Bride wipes eyes standing in white dress and groom smiles


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