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Ski Chalet Winter Wedding in Fernie

Check out this unique ski chalet winter wedding shot outdoors at the Alpine Lodge Fernie with classic elegant details and woodsy vibes. When it is all said and done, the memories and photos are what you have and will last a lifetime, and for the two of them, they wanted this to be a reflection of their relationship and personalities.

From the Creative Team:

721 days of waiting, and we finally got to have our wedding.
Brian and Kristen have been waiting since March 28, 2020 for their wedding, and finally on March 19, 2022 they got to say I Do, in the middle of the mountains. But really they had been waiting for this day since their engagement in October 2018, when Brian proposed to Kristen at sunrise on top of Mt Batur Volcano in Bali Indonesia.

Brian and Kristen have always had a desire for an intimate wedding in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by their closest friends and family. With Brian and Kristen being avid snowboarders, and having had lived in Fernie BC for a few years, it was no question that this was the perfect location, and date for the two of them.

The idea of a wedding wasn’t something the two of them needed to solidify their commitment, but rather a moment where they could express their love for one another and celebrate their relationship with their friends and family. Which is what led them to decide on an elopement in Fernie BC. They chose The Alpine Lodge as their venue, a mountain chalet at Fernie Alpine Resort.

The vision and inspiration was all Kristen, and together with her Mother and Mother in-law, they did all the decorations. Kristen’s Mother in-law Casey Still, was the visionary behind all the flowers, and bouquets for the wedding. Kristen and Casey both hand picked all the flowers, and Casey hand-crafted each bouquet and centerpiece. The inspiration was simplicity and romantic, with the decorations being a compliment to the venue and intimate atmosphere of the lodge.

Each photo location was chosen for its significance and fond memories for Brian and Kristen. They decided on their first look at a spot along the Elk River, looking at the mountains, as they used to enjoy winter camping trips here before they lived in Fernie.

While their wedding was already an intimate affair, they decided to hold their first look and vows as something between the two of them. So during the first look they said their vows, and were able to be 100% raw and emotional, this was a moment they would recommend to everyone!

Along the journey for photos, Kristen and Brian chose a location off the highway along the Elk River, where they used to fish. Kristen in her dress and heels, hopped a highway barricade and hiked threw thistles, boulders and snow to the river where they could capture couple portraits. There was no way being all done up in a gown and heals was going to stop the two of them from capturing photos in their favourite locations around Fernie. As for the flow, emotion and energy of the day, well it is visible in the photos.

Each photo, and sequence of photos tells the story from getting ready, to the first look, ceremony, reception and speeches. Kristen and Brian can honestly say there wasn’t one person who didn’t have happy tears at some point throughout the day. “We don’t know if it was because we waited for so many years, or what, but it was truly a day filled with laughter until you cried, and tears of joy, everyone could absolutely feel the love and joy. we have for one another and each guest” The energy was purely authentic to who Brian and Kristen are; simple, beautiful, natural, light, and fun.

Another important detail to their day, the food, drinks, and service from the lodge and Yamagoya Owners. WOW, is all Brian and Kristen, and all their guests had to say. The menu was crafted by Cam and Michiyo, and put together with an authentic Japenese and Asian Fusion Cuisine. From the cocktail hour sushi, to the Ahi Tuna Salad and Steak/Chicken entree, finishing with Affogato, there wasn’t one detail in a plate overlooked. Each plate was a reflection of the talent, passion and love for what Cam and Michiyo do. The service and meal was 5*. Cam and Michiyo, love what they do, and from the moment Brian and Kristen got to the lodge till they left, they felt like family.

Brian and Kristen spent the day with their family and friends, laughing until they cried, celebrating their love and sharing this intimate moment with those closest to them. But the wedding and weekend wasn’t over after the wedding. They decided to take their wedding party snowboarding the next day and have a Wedding Ski Apres, where their photographer came along, and they were able to really show everyone why they love Fernie BC, and capture some photos along the way.

When it is all said and done, the memories and photos are what you have and will last a lifetime, and for the two of them, they wanted this to be a reflection of their relationship and personalities. So the biggest piece of inspiration was really; planning a wedding that focuses on the why we are getting married, and design the day to be a reflection of our personalities and relationship.

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