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From the Creative Team:

Steph and Stu’s connection is so pure, raw, romantic, and sassy. Their unconditional love for each other shines through in their photos. Their story is two-fold as their real wedding was 4 years ago. Although beautiful memories were captured, they were not fully satisfied with the end results. Cardinal Vow Media heard this story and reached out to give them, offering them the opportunity to reshoot their day and capture new memories.

In conjunction with Blue Grass Farm and Muri Floral and Decor, both Okanagan based businesses were able to provide them with a glamorous day. It was full of new memories that they can hang on their walls. We were blessed with beautiful blue skies, flowing willow trees, and the most amazing light. A mystical and fairy-like atmosphere was created which had stunning results!

It was such an honour to work with this tremendously talented bunch of experts. Humble doesn’t begin to describe it. Steph and Stu’s day was photographed by Hasina, and Mitch captured their video. Being able to witness the genuine emotions Steph and Stu shared was an unforgettable experience.

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