In honour of Spring! Tulip Bouquet Inspiration

Good morning, you beautiful brides, you! If this spring weather is trying to trick us into thinking that warmer times are ahead, then it’s working. Break out of the flats and the cardigans, because we’re ready for casual Sunday strolls! So in honour of this weather, we’re posting our favourite tulip bouquet inspiration. The tulip has a long history with romance – to gift a red or yellow tulip is to tell someone you love them, as the back of the tulip represents the burning of passion. In historical Turkish culture, the tulip symbolized paradise on earth – fields of tulips were given a divine status.

Tulips remain one of the most popular flowers for weddings – their range of colours, their large blooms, and their general availability throughout the year. Tulips are most available in the Spring months, from February to April, but they can be shipped in from around the world in any season. Heat opens up the tulip bloom, which can make them loose their petals early so keeping them cool and out of the direct sun on your wedding day will help keep your tulip bouquet looking fresher, longer. Tulips can be paired beautifully with calla lilies, hyacinths and baby’s breath.

Glamour and Grace.

Creamy white tulip bouquet against a sequinned bridesmaid dress – gorgeous! Image via The Lane

Tulip bouquet with white blooms, wrapped in grass. Image via Pinterest.

Sunny yellow tulip bouquet. Image via Elizabeth Anne Designs.

A red tulip bouquet against an ice blue dress – looks dreamy! Image via


Beachy tulip bouquet with light pastel colours. Image via Southern Weddings.