Celebrate Your LOVE for Haute Couture!

Haute Couture is so much more than high fashion, it is a lifestyle, a community, and an appreciation for true art and fine craftsmanship. The term is french for “high dressmaking” and it refers to the creation of exclusive custom fitted clothing. These garments are made to order for a specific wearers measurements and body stance, and are usually made from high quality (expensive) fabric. They are sewn with extreme attention to detail, and finished by the most experienced seamstresses, often using time consuming hand executed techniques. The creation of a haute couture garment is often a long and intimate process of asking and listening, designing and fitting.

Today at Luxe we are celebrating our love of haute couture dressmaking. Here are a few of our favorite designs by world class designers. You can read more on page 26 of Luxe by Calgary Bride!

Happy Valentines Day!