Inspiration for a Desert Wedding Ceremony

Alright, extreme winter weather, you’re winning – we’re starting to long for our beautiful Calgary summer instead of enjoying our sunny and crisp Alberta winter. A good way to beat this feeling (if only temporarily)? Posting some fun, vibrant and hot desert wedding ceremony photos to help us picture ourselves in 25 degree heat, celebrating love.

The natural landscapes and exotic plant life and greenery are the essentials for a desert wedding ceremony – it may sound a little crazy, but there’s something very sexy about the dry and dusty air and the intense sunlight makes for gorgeous photos. Just like our beautiful mountains are breathtaking, the rocky hills of the desert are are a picturesque backdrop for a desert wedding ceremony.

Desert ceremonies can be bold or soft in colour palette and sparse or extravagant in decor. We love the streamers on the back of the ceremony seating in this first photo. Using large blooms or soft draping to create a lushness to contrast the harsh extremes of the desert. A tip though – have fans and parasols for guests to use, as that blazing sun doesn’t cool for anyone in the heart of the afternoon.

And with Palm Springs being only a 3 hour flight, it’s the perfect destination for a sexy desert wedding ceremony!