Confetti Fall/Winter 2019

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So let's address this first - I am obsessed with Real Bride's Lia's pants in this cozy, warm Fall engagement session in Bowness Park. The fitted high waist is right up my alley, and the burnt orange is the colour that when I see it on the rack, I gravitate to it subconsciously. As in, I often will find that my arm feels tired, and I'll look down, and I'm carrying 6 - 8 articles of clothing in that exact burnt orange colour. So when amazing Calgary wedding photographer Nicole.Field Photography submitted Lia and Richard's super sweet engagement session; I couldn't stop looking at it for about 20 minutes. 

Lia's smile is something infectious in this session; you can't help but smile when you see how happy she is to be held tight in Richard's arms. And Richard, well, you can also tell that he is more than happy to squeeze Lia as close as he can, for the rest of his life. It's the perfect Fall engagement shoot, with those elusive fallen orange leaves that only stick around for a few weeks in our 2 season city. The beauty of Bowness Park is the perfect backdrop for this fab couple - we can't wait to see what their wedding looks like! 


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