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Love is Falling From the Sky

From the Creative Team:

On the day of their backyard wedding in Western Alberta, Wyatt and his partner made an unforgettable entrance that left their friends and family in awe. Despite suffering from a broken leg just weeks before the big day, Wyatt, a skydiving instructor, took to the sky to make his grand entrance at their Western Alberta backyard ceremony. As he gracefully descended from above, it was clear that nothing could stop him from making this moment special.

With the help of close friends and family, the couple was able to create a day that was truly everything they had dreamed of. From hair and makeup to bouquets and more, every detail was expertly taken care of by those who love them most, ensuring that their Western Alberta backyard wedding was a success.

As a photographer, I feel so grateful to have been a part of this unique and heartwarming celebration of love in Western Alberta. Watching Wyatt make his dramatic entrance and seeing the joy on the couple’s faces as they exchanged vows was a moment I will never forget. It’s clear that these two are meant to be, and their love for each other truly knows no bounds.

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